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Tinder launches its first global campaign; rebrands for Gen-Z singles

Tinder launches its first-ever global brand campaign, “It Starts With a Swipe” - a celebration of modern dating milestones and a romantically stylized reflection of the dating experience.

“Tinder daters have changed the state-of-the-date by tossing out traditional views and are embracing experiences on their own terms, not to mention a whole new vocabulary.” said Melissa Hobley, Tinder Global Chief Marketing Officer. “Defined as a one night stand ten years ago, only 25% of young daters believe that a hookup is defined the same way today. Tinder doesn't tell you who or how to date, but we power all kinds of possibilities. We welcome all types of people and relationships whether they last for a few messages exchanged on the app, a day, a night, or a lifetime. No matter what kind of connection you are looking for, it starts here. It Starts with A Swipe”.

The data by the dating company revealed that young adults today are embracing new experiences, connections and self-discovery. They’re all about vibing, meeting up, situationship… Tinder’s role continues to reignite imagination for these daters on how exciting it can be to take a chance on someone or something new. For 56% of young daters, the term “hook up” is outdated or means something different to them than it does for older generations2. “Hooking up”, however young singles define it,  is simply part of the dating process, and a way to explore a connection without the pressures of labels, not something to be ashamed or secretive about. 

Developed in partnership with Mischief USA, the campaign will run in multiple markets around the world, including LA, NYC, Berlin, Madrid, London and Paris, before expanding into other regions such as Asia, Australia and South America later in the year.

The campaign was built on data insights gathered from around the world that show a growing and changing notion of love since Tinder’s inception 10 years ago. For example, to emphasize diversity, most of the campaign‘s cast is non-white and nearly half is LGBTQ+. The work also emphasizes issues and ideas that are held close to the hearts of many gen Zers, such as climate change and astrology.

Paul Brunson, Tinder’s Expert in Relationship Insights said, “Meeting someone new is always exciting. What's interesting for me is how adeptly young daters are making way for a low-pressure, no stereotypes, zero-labels approach that opens them up to new types of relationships. Tinder has the world's largest pool of daters, and these daters are embracing authenticity. It’s refreshing that singles today value strong friendships just as much as romantic relationships - the hangup on hookups is over because this new generation has fundamentally redefined and re-owned it.’

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