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Tinder releases 'shot at home' film on making connections during lockdown

The app relies on face-to-face meetings to make connections, but its new ad film shows how to connect while quarantining.

In a world that needs to practice self-isolation and social distancing, Tinder's new ad film is about the different ways in which community is trying to stay connected. After all, social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t still connect with people virtually.

The dating app recently released data pertaining to online connections. Tinder's data reveals that in India, conversations have been up an average of 39 per cent and the average length of conversations is 28 per cent longer. Stay home, be safe, social distancing, “how are you”, wash your hands and face emojis are seen being used in bios. By looking at data from March to April, Tinder also learned which cities and countries members are virtually traveling to using Tinder’s Passport feature, and which cities are frequently interacting with each other. The majority of Tinder members are using the feature to change location within the country, with Delhi-Mumbai and Mumbai-Delhi as the top 2 cities Passporting to each other. Tinder Passport is a feature that lets people interact with other users from different geographies (beyond the 5 mile radius) and was made free sometime in the beginning of April, when the lockdown began in India.

“The pandemic has blurred the lines between digital and physical lives, and Gen Z is finding new ways to connect despite the odds. There is something to say about the power of digital connection and shared social solidarity while facing uncertainty. Our members have found virtual ways to replicate all the human interactions missing from our daily lives; cooking dinner together, Passporting to other cities to check in on each other, having a virtual date-night, it shows us how #Togetheris Epic.” added a Tinder spokesperson.

Beyond dating apps offering free services to connect users, the users themselves are taking things a step further with their creativity. Read about this story of a New York based photographer who found love in the midst of a pandemic.

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