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Tinder swipes right on Netflix

Tinder onboard as the official casting partner for Netflix’s Indian dating reality show ‘IRL - In Real Love.’

Dating app Tinder is partnering with Netflix as the official casting partner for its Indian dating reality show, IRL: In Real Love. In tune with reality shows like Indian Matchmaking, Love is Blind, and Too Hot to Handle, IRL: In Real Love, produced by Monozygotic, aims to sweep this generation off its feet with a true to its time dating format.

This July, singles on Tinder can apply for IRL: In Real Love by just making one Swipe Right in-app. Swipe Cards will appear in between Tinder members' stack of potential matches. All the Swipe Rights on the in-app casting callout and will be redirected to a registration page. However, the selection of participants and all casting decisions will be at Netflix’s or its appointed casting organiser’s sole discretion.

Sounds like a good time for members to also get their Tinder bios spruced up!

Speaking about the partnership, in a press note, Taru Kapoor, GM, Tinder and Match Group, India, said, “....Right from the casting process to its distinctive dating format, this show brings to the table an opportunity to experience new connections, some heartbreaks, unmatched chemistry and a whole lot of fun. With Tinder’s diverse community of young singletons actively looking for real sparks, this show will provide them with exactly that and more."

Tanya Bami, director, International Originals, Netflix India, added that the show is an indigenous dating format and the association with Tinder will help Netflix keep it as real as the times today. “Authenticity is key to any reality series and Tinder will help us find a cast whose preferences and choices will enable us to understand the everyday dating conundrums."