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Titan Eye+ gives you 5 strong reasons why breaking your specs can be a great thing

The campaign, ‘Acha Hua’, conceptualised by Ogilvy, plays on the good old adage of ‘whatever happens, happens for good’ .

Titan Eye+ has launched its new ad campaign featuring five different films, each of 10 seconds duration. The campaign, ‘Acha Hua’, conceptualised by Ogilvy, plays on the good old adage of ‘whatever happens, happens for good’ presenting the uncomfortable experience of breaking a spectacle as an opportunity to get the best vision.

Maneesh Krishnamurthy, marketing head EyeCare Division, Titan Company Ltd., said “Titan Eye+ is seen as the category expert but Indian consumers often also seek tangible value for money. With this campaign we are showcasing the exceptional value that Titan Eye+ brings through five shorties showcasing our innovation in lenses and value for money services and product. In a category bereft of occasion shopping, we have introduced one with a humourous twist. We'd love to be top of mind everytime a spectacle is broken because it gives you an opportunity to switch to Titan Eye+”

Puneet Kapoor, chief creative officer, Ogilvy South “The idea came from the thought that if you haven’t got your eye prescription from an able expert, chances are you are toting glasses that might not be suited best for your eyes. Hence the breakage or loss of spectacles is an opportunity to get the right prescription and solution from an expert brand that cares about your eye health. This was the genesis of the spectacles breaking campaign with the idea-line ‘Accha hi to hua’. The humour that came from the many entertaining ways in which people lose or break their glasses in ingenious ways.”

The campaign launches on 7 April 2023, features five different value proposition stories that include free replacement, stylish frames starting INR 699, UV protection lens for kids, progressive lens starting INR 1799 and also their best-in-class 7 in 1 lens called ClearSight.

The campaign aims to convey that while it is frustrating when your glasses break, it actually is an opportunity to improve and upgrade. Whether it's getting a free replacement, trying out a new style, or getting the best-in-class ClearSight lens for unparalled vision, the campaign emphasizes that something good can come out of a seemingly unwanted situation.

The new campaign is expected to reinforce Titan Eye+'s position as the ‘Expert Who Cares’ in the industry and attract new customers. With its commitment to giving value for money and relentless innovation, Titan Eye+ is set to continue its growth trajectory and emerge as a brand of choice for eyewear customers in India.

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