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Titan revamps its iconic tune for Mother’s Day

We spoke to Mahesh Gharat, chief creative officer, Ogilvy, about the ideation and execution of the film.

For Mother’s Day this year, Titan has launched a video ‘Tune for Ma’, which is a part of its #TimeWithMa campaign. The video is a new take on the iconic Titan tune, and comes with an evocative message on the healing power of mothers and music.

Titan virtually collaborated with musicians across the nation to come up with a different version of its iconic tune. This collaboration was orchestrated by Ogilvy. The brand is also asking audiences to share their special wishes for, and moments with, their mothers on social media handles using the hashtag #TimeWithMa.

Speaking about the campaign, Mahesh Gharat, chief creative officer, Ogilvy, says that it’s amazing how in a time of social distancing, one has learnt to come closer. Titan's 'Tune for Ma' film is one such example. “Despite never meeting, in person, we closely collaborated with people across the country to create this beautiful piece.”

Mahesh Gharat
Mahesh Gharat

Gharat mentions that Titan had been thinking of a new take on its iconic tune for a while. “They rightfully believed this was the perfect time as now, more than ever, the world needed something beautiful, uplifting, and positive.”

“Once the idea was cracked, we partnered with Hungry Films, our production partners. They got into action right away by putting up social media posts asking musicians to contribute. The ask was to simply recreate the iconic Titan tune, in their own favourite genre, instruments. In less than a week, we were overwhelmed by more than 30 very good responses. It was extremely hard to pick just a few,” Gharat added.

On how difficult it was to coordinate and stitch together a music video during a time like this, he says, “Music maestro Shubhojit set the base for the tune at a scale and octave that would match the mood we were hoping to create. Piece by piece, he put select contributions in their ideal place. It was like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, albeit without a guide. There were so many possibilities. He found the harmony for this creation.”

“Since Mother’s Day was round the corner, it made sense to pay tribute to them with it,” Gharat concludes.

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