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To prove a point about being waterproof, this Mi 11 Ultra phone gets unboxed underwater

An entire unboxing video features the phone being taken out of the box and then switched on underwater in a swimming pool.

To shoot an unboxing video, one has to put on the right clothes, make sure the product is on hand and that the camera is ready to film. Xiaomi goes one step further, and gets the person unboxing the phone to do it underwater.

The unboxing takes place in a swimming pool to emphasise on Mi 11 Ultra's IP68 water-resistant build. At the beginning of the video, we see a classy man in a suit, put on a pair of goggles and dive into the pool, where he opens the box and turns the phone on.

Interestingly, the ad has also been shot on the Mi 11 Ultra phone - a space that Apple's iPhone and OnePlus have capitalised on in the past to show off their respective phones' camera features.

This isn't the first time that Xiaomi has taken the 'underwater route' to market its phone. Earlier, in April this year, it launched another underwater unboxing video featuring divers in scuba gear, unboxing the phone below sea level in a bid to emphasise on its waterproof features.

Some bloggers dive underwater to unbox phones under similar conditions to create content. However, a few years ago, leading US-based telecom company T-Mobile used this route to market the waterproof Samsung Galaxy S7 phones.