Aishwarya Ramesh

To run or to relax? Apple Watch's Series 6 ad pushes users to take the first step

'The future of health is on your wrist' - highlights the new ad for Apple's smartwatches.

Apple Watch's latest ad for the Series 6 Smartwatches is a subtle, but fun push to be more active. With remote working and indoor quarantining, people have been finding it increasingly difficult to find the motivation to work out and be active.

In the beginning of the ad, we see a woman lying on the grass in the sunshine, relaxing, until her watch lightly nudges her to be more active than she was, yesterday.

To begin with, she decides to relax, and run. Followed by a schedule of relaxing, running, and swimming. Next comes a schedule of relaxing, running, swimming, dancing and mountain climbing. As the ad progresses, she becomes more involved in outdoor activities and we see how the watch helps her progress different kinds of activities, monitor her heart rate, and even detect when she's had a hard fall from attempting rock climbing.

The ad ends with a quip - 'are you still relaxing'? - showing the outline of where the woman was lying on the grass, only she's up and running, working on closing the exercise rings on her watch.

With the tagline 'the future of health is on your wrist', this ad follows a series of ads that were released earlier in February 2021. The ads highlighted the different features that Apple Watch Series 6 possesses - such as sleep tracking, the ability to take a ECG anywhere and advanced workout tracking.

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