Ananya Pathak

TOI's new spot shows 'A day in the life of India' in Coronial times

The one-minute-30-second-long film shows how the day-to-day activities in the lives of general public have changed since the outbreak of the pandemic.

“From resisting change to accepting change and now living with it, life has a way, so what's yours? How do the pick-up lines work? How are fights a different sight? And above all who or what still refuses to change?” This is from national daily the Times of India's latest ad 'A day in the life of India' on social media.

The film shows how the lives of Indians have changed since the Coronavirus pandemic broke out. It opens with what looks like a government office scene, where an employee is seen asking another, “Ye Corona ke baad sab kuchh kitna badal gaya hai na” (things have changed so much since Corona).

It shows how people are taking to sanitisation, temperature checks and are using face masks for protection. It ends with the same office scene shown at the beginning. An employee says, “Ye vaccine aane ke baad sab kuchh kitna badal jayega na” (things will change so much once the vaccine is released).

This, however, is not the first time that the leading newspaper brand has released an ad-based on the ‘A day in the life of India’ concept. In 2013, it had released an ad, also called ‘A day in the life of India’. It had also released ‘A day in the life of Chennai’ around the same time.

The (latest) ad film is currently live across all social media platforms.