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Too Yumm! repurposes old ads; positions itself as 'binge-worthy' snack

With Virat Kohli being out of the country, Mullen Lintas decided to repurpose the content from the brand's previously released films.

During the nationwide COVID lockdown, the government had imposed a ban on the shooting of films and ads. We saw several brands repurpose their old ads into new films.

However, the ban has now been lifted. In such times, when shooting has resumed, we came across a film by Too Yumm! that has been conceptualised by repurposing the brand's old ads.

The 40-second long film for Too Yumm Karare, the snack brand by Guiltfree Industries, features the brand's ambassador and cricketer Virat Kohli. With Kohli being out of the country, Mullen Lintas, the creative agency, decided to repurpose the content from the brand's previously released films featuring Kohli.

Commenting on the campaign, Rajeev Khandelwal, CEO – RPSG FMCG, said in a press release, "With Too Yumm Karare, we wanted to deliver a creative which, despite the limitations of shooting in a shutdown, would be clutter breaking. Mullen Lintas and team came out with a creative approach, and have delivered a commercial which has a fresh ring to it. I am hopeful that it will resonate well with our young millennial consumer."

In the ad #LoopMeinKhao, the metaphor of 'loop' has been used to position Too Yumm! as a 'binge-worthy' snack.

The release mentions that the agency created a trippy music track and then layered it with carefully selected videos from old ads and some relevant graphics. The film leverages Kohli during one of the most popular events in the world right now – Dream11 Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020. A slightly different version of #LoopMeinKhao also finds relevance outside the context of cricket and will be released after the IPL.

"Snacking, as a category, is about binging and 'loop', as a keyword, connotes that in sync with the many things we do in a loop, in the way we even consume entertainment. Using the face of the brand with existing assets, but using the footage on a loop gave us a creative hook to package the campaign building taste as the undeniable key take out," Garima Khandelwal and Azazul Haque, CCOs, Mullen Lintas, said in the release.

The film is live across multiple mediums, including digital display, TV and social media.

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