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Top 10 most-watched Indian ads on YouTube in September

As per the Vidooly report, 'BeTheInfinite' featuring MS Dhoni by OPPO bagged the top spot, followed by 'Kiska hai??' by Mi TV and 'Capture Sharper, Charge Faster' by realme.

Brands leverage YouTube to present their stories with utmost creativity and engaging factor. The leading digital video sharing platform has garnered over millions of viewers as well as creators, who keep it alive despite several revolutionary updates, changes and software transformations.

YouTube has helped many brands, companies and individuals to launch their dream projects. Automobile, technology, gadgets, FMCG, sports, network and apps are some of the leading industrial and business segments that are using YouTube to reach their markets.

Subrat Kar
Subrat Kar

Here are the top 10 most-watched Indian ads on YouTube last month (September).


· Only advertisements published on YouTube in September are considered.

· The overall audience sentiment that is mentioned below each advertisement is based on the number of views, likes, dislikes, watch time, and comments.

· All ads are as per the tracking done through Vidooly's advertisement search engine.

· All the stats here are updated on October 5.

1. #BeTheInfinite feat. MS Dhoni

OPPO is always looking to take the top spot in this list. It hasn’t failed this time as well. The three minutes and 22 seconds video features the most-loved ’Captain Cool’ of Indian cricket team MS Dhoni, who trains a newbie on the field and motivates him to pursue his passion.

The child belongs to a typical Indian household where academics are considered important. His father thinks that his interest in sports is not a passion, and that he would not be successful. But, he is proven wrong by Dhoni, who happens to capture the training sessions on his OPPO Reno 4 Pro and shares the videos with the parents. It changes their mind and the captured moments on the smartphone helps the child take his first step towards success on the field. The ad has already garnered a whopping 70 million-plus views on YouTube.

2. Kiska hai?? #MiTV - India's #1SmartTVBrand

The ad shows an actress practising yoga in front of her Mi TV. She notices her dog running away with the smart remote. She chases her dog and people in her neighbourhood run as well thinking it might be their TV remote. The dog, named Bruno, gets inside his kennel with a heap of smart Mi TV remotes belonging to other people. The ad concludes on the note that Mi TV is so popular and widely used that almost everyone has it. With over 68 million views on YouTube, it is a ’pawsome’ way of showing the popularity of your brand.

3. realme 7 & 7 Pro | Capture Sharper, Charge Faster

realme India has launched this ad to present the sharper camera and quick charging features of the realme 7 and 7 Pro smartphones. It shows a sharp shooter ready to shoot a woman, but he is equipped with a realme smartphone, instead. As it happens in real life, the battery drains out at the right moment, but the fast charging ability of realme smartphones helps him take the perfect shot.

4. Samsung - Alt Z Life | Quick Switch | The Omnipresent Boss

A fun-filled narrative makes the ad very entertaining to watch. It shows ace actor Gajraj Rao as the omnipresent boss, who can appear anywhere, anytime and peep through his employee’s phone. Here, he tries to see what his employees, played by actress Radhika Madan and others, are watching. The meme here is a joke on the boss, but she quickly changes the page to another meme and that saves her day. This is how Samsung showcases the unique point of differentiation of the smartphone, as compared to others.

5. Samsung Galaxy Watch3: Unveiling

Samsung India introduces its Galaxy Watch 3 smart wrist watch with this beautifully compiled ad. It shows the special and unique features of the smartwatch that is designed to trace all activities of the user. The visuals clearly highlight the major features, such as blood pressure and pulse rate monitors, weather forecast, reading time, etc.

6. Honda X Blade - Look Beyond

Honda 2 Wheelers India launched its motorcycle model X Blade on YouTube and this is a promotional ad creative to reach the target market. In the ad, we see a bike rider and a voice-over explaining the design and powerful features.

7. OPPO F17 Pro | Ultra Sleek & AI Color Portrait | #FlauntItYourWay

The 30-second trailer showcases the sleek and glamorous features of the OPPO F17 Pro smartphone. It features actors, who enact various situations, like dancing around the phone kept near a thin painting depicting its ultra-thin shape and then a photo session where the person with the phone captures some mind-blowing AI colour portraits of the model. The ad describes the main features of the smartphone and is very impressive on all sides.


A simple, short promotion of the weekly addition of stylish outfits on the popular e-commerce website. Myntra featured Bollywood actress Kiara Advani in this ad, where she simply tells the viewers how versatile the collections are and that they can pick the one they like from over 5,000 styles. This 15-second video is engaging, informative and has a celebrity to do the influence part of it.

9. New Ford Freestyle Flair | Josh Hai Dil Main

Ford India explains the new Freestyle Flair’s active rollover protection features in a unique manner. The ad show a young girl preparing for a jump, but stops when she starts having second thoughts about it and again starts to complete the jump. In such a situation, you may have second thoughts, but not during an off-roading.

10. Portrait worthy #108MP shots | Make memories timeless with #Mi10

This beautiful ad describes the wonderful camera features of the Mi 10 smartphone that not only capture portrait-worthy pictures, but also helps make everlasting memories. The ad shows a puppy, named Chaplin, nibbling on a soft tennis ball, which his owner clicks with the Mi 10 phone. Later, as the puppy is all grown up, that picture becomes a memory in the form of a portrait on the wall.

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