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Tribes launch non-traditional creative agency

The new agency 1.618 Studios aims to provide bespoke creative solutions across OOH, retail and digital touchpoints.

Tribes has announced the addition of an unconventional new member to its clan: 1.618 Studios.

The specialist brand derives its name from the 'Golden Ratio,' a mathematical concept applied to imbue harmony and aesthetic balance into design. It reinforces the agency’s commitment to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and function, logic and emotion across its work.

The logo itself adheres to this ratio, serving as the perfect visual representation of everything the agency stands for. The vibrant, contemporary design draws inspiration from the geometrical representation of the ratio, incorporating lines and circles to form its numbers. The bright blue decimal point has been borrowed from the Tribes logo, subtly hinting towards the agency’s origins.

1.618 Studios is a first-of-its-kind non-traditional creative agency that works with brands to craft bespoke designs and communication for OOH, Retail and Digital media.

The agency opens its doors today and offers a variety of services ranging from outdoor to digital design solutions. On the retail front, the brand offers a wide gamut of services that include KV creation and POSM designing. To help brands immerse customers into their unique worlds, 1.618 Studios also conceptualises and designs brand experience centres. The digital arm is all about creating stunning visuals you can’t scroll past.

Speaking about the new offering, Kartik Sharma, group CEO, Omnicom Media Group, which has been partnering with Tribes for a long time, said, “Max Pub, a unit of Tribes, has been a great partner to OMG and have delivered some fantastic solutions for our clients. With this new creative agency launch it’s a step in the right direction and I believe it will bring back creativity to the forefront and is the need of the hour. I am sure this new initiative from Tribes will further strengthen Tribes' offering and we wish them the very best.”

Gour Gupta, chairman of Tribes Group, said “Brands want to move beyond using screen grabs of their TVCs with minor adapts for their OOH campaigns because they don’t even break the clutter, let alone enhance brand recall. The true potential of digital billboards and anamorphic hoardings needs to be explored further. We want to help these brands truly connect with their audiences and get their money’s worth in non-traditional spaces.”

This zeal for breaking the mould extends into the agency’s approach to retail solutions, where it’s crucial to entice and convince shoppers. 1.618 Studios aims to provide clients with insight-backed creatives that influence shopper behaviour by optimally utilising every touchpoint on their in-store journeys. It believes that its urgency-inducing, conversion-driven communication paired with compelling design can make any product fly off the shelves.

Consumers only spare a few precious seconds of their attention for brand communication when they’re scrolling through their phones, putting the pedal to the metal, and browsing store aisles. Any creative deployed in these spaces needs to be tailored for the touchpoint and the audience’s state of mind, to make them pause and interact with your brand.

At a time when creatives on these mediums are mere extensions of brands’ mainline campaigns, the agency emphasises the importance of a medium-first perspective for every idea.

Disruption through tech innovation will be one of its focus areas, especially for OOH and shopper spaces. The objective of 1.618 Studios is to evolve with technology, to consistently create meaningful and impactful experiences for brands and their customers.

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