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Truecaller releases second long-format digital ad for 'Call Reason'

Released as a part of the brand's 'Call Reason Stories’ campaign, the film 'Kidnap' uses the same reverse technique as the previous video.

Truecaller, the leading caller identification app for smartphones, recently introduced a feature called ‘Call Reason’. It enables Truecaller users to set a reason for their call, enabling the receiver to check what the call is about, whether the incoming call is personal, business-related or something urgent. According to Truecaller, this would increase pickup rates, especially when someone is calling from a new number.

Last week, Truecaller had released the first official film titled ‘Waaris’ under its ‘Truecaller Call Reason Stories’ campaign. Now, the brand has released another long-format ad titled ‘Kidnap’.

Truecaller had also released a trailer for the film, two days prior to its launch. Launching the trailer, the brand wrote, "When family is in the clutches of danger, what’s your next move?"

The four-minute-30-second-long film is a short story on two aspects of the same call – one where the call is not answered and one where it is received. The latest film uses the same ‘reverse feature’ that was used in the last one.

Speaking about the campaign, Manan Shah, director marketing, Truecaller, says, “Today, opportunities don't knock, they call. And who better than Truecaller to help you make the most of it? 'Call Reason' is one of the most requested features by our community and, hence, we built it.”

“The campaign highlights the two choices anyone has when they receive a call and how stark the outcomes can be. With 'Call Reason', we simply enable them to make a more informed choice. We are humbled by the amazing response that our users have shown to the feature and this campaign.”

Manan Shah
Manan Shah

Pranav Harihar Sharma, writer and director of the (two) films, shares that while the first film 'Waaris', under the 'Call Reason Stories' umbrella, was about greed, conspiracy and luck, the second one 'Kidnap' is an action-packed drama between two brothers, who are poles apart from each other.

“This 'Call Reason' campaign from Truecaller can easily be a long-running campaign where they can come up with new stories revolving around 'one Call, two outcomes' space. I see this (to be) turning out as one of the most exciting and popular campaigns around!”

Pranav Harihar Sharma
Pranav Harihar Sharma

Currently live across Truecaller’s social media handles, the ads have been conceptualised by the Bengaluru-based media marketing agency Wirality Media. Commenting on the campaign, Saanand Warrier, the agency’s founder and CEO, says, “In Truecaller, we have a client who understands our vision for the brand and M.O.M. (Mortals On Mission, the production company) know how to execute that vision. Working on this campaign has been a delight and we’re looking forward to many more.”

Adds Sourya Bhattacharjee, creative director at Wirality Media, “What can happen, if there're two endings, all on the basis of just one decision? When I gave the idea, it immediately sounded exciting to us all. I truly appreciate Pranav for the way he created these thrilling stories. And even more thankful to Manan for believing in the same vision.”


Brand: Truecaller India

Agency: Wirality Media, Bengaluru

CEO: Saanand Warrier

Idea and Creative Head: Sourya Bhattacharjee

Writer-Director: Pranav Harihar Sharma

Production Company: M.O.M. (Mortals On Mission), Mumbai

Producer: Darpan Trisal

Director-Operations: Reena Oberoi