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TVS Eurogrip’s new ad re-instills the need of social distancing

#StandApartToStandTogether campaign, executed by GroupM India, is an attempt to provide a gentle reminder to the public to take necessary precautions.

As various parts of India open up again after COVID-induced lockdowns, there is a need to rekindle the importance of maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask in public. In an attempt to spread awareness about these necessary precautions, TVS Eurogrip, the leading two- and three-wheeler tyre brand, has released a video on a social experiment it conducted in Mumbai recently.

The experiment was executed by GroupM India in crowded public places - around supermarkets, diagnostic centres and pharmacies - across Mumbai in June.

The team installed carpets with markers on them for people to stand on, such that they’re at a safe distance from one another. The carpet was wired with motion sensors so that an alarm went off when someone crossed the threshold of safety, followed by this message on a speaker: “Yeh responsibility wala mod hai, let’s maintain social distancing”.

Billboards with awareness messages like ‘don’t move out of turn’, ‘keep a safe distance’ and ‘together, let’s tame the turns’ were placed at multiple vantage points in these locations to amplify this communication.

The brand’s team informs that it is looking forward to conducting the same experiment in more cities across the country in the coming days.

Commenting on the social experiment, P Madhavan, EVP - sales and marketing, TVS Srichakra, said in a press note, “While every one of us intends to follow the safety norms prescribed by healthcare experts and the government, we subconsciously forget to do so. This social experiment has been conceptualised to re-emphasise the importance of the same…”

The social experiment has been released as a video on digital channels to further the cause and propagate the message.

This, however, is not the first time that a brand/company has come up with an ad to promote the merits of social distancing. In the past months, ad films by HDFC Bank, Fevicol and Surf Excel have followed a similar approach.