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UFO Moviez unveils ProCAT, a web-based data analysis platform

The newly launched data analysis platform encapsulates advantages of programmatic advertising and applies it to the cinema medium.

UFO Moviez, in-cinema advertising network, has unveiled “ProCAT”, an innovative and a first of its kind web-based data analysis platform that will measure number of footfalls, and provide cinema advertisers with data-driven insights to make informed decisions to plan, review, update and evaluate their cinema ad campaigns.

Anticipating a robust 15-20% CAGR over the next three years, the company cites expanding screen counts nationwide and heightened advertiser enthusiasm for cinema as pivotal factors. In collaboration with strategic partners, UFO Moviez aims to surpass 4,000 screens this fiscal year, solidifying its leadership in India while projecting substantial revenue growth. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and data analysis, ProCAT’s innovative platform will empower advertisers to craft highly targeted and effective campaigns that resonate with their target audience.

In an era dominated by data, ProCAT recognises the pivotal role that insights play in shaping advertising strategies. The newly launched data analysis platform encapsulates advantages of programmatic advertising and applies it to the cinema medium. It has the ability to share estimated data for the performance of the movies and the audiences garnered by the screens for a specific movie, city, state and region. It will also be of vital help for campaign planning with accurate knowledge of movie performance, helping advertisers to measure audience at theaters, and will assess campaign ROI. ProCAT is a unique and pioneering platform which will put the company in a very strong position to drive growth for the in-cinema advertising industry by sharing data & analysis with advertisers that was never available at this scale& form before.

Speaking about ProCAT, Siddharth Bhardwaj, chief marketing officer and head of enterprise sales, UFO Moviez, said, “Traditional cinema campaigns originally relied only on a single measure of success, viz playback of ads. ProCAT is designed to help advertisers plan campaigns to reach a specific targeted audience set and has the capability to measure the performance of the campaign. Advertisers can measure costs and ROI similar to programmatic digital ads. ProCAT also allows advertisers to compare their multiple campaigns and determine which strategies worked most effectively and in which region.”

Key salient features of the tool include ability to plan short term and long term cinema campaigns; instant budget estimates with reach and cost can be derived. Users can choose from the entire screen universe, and filters can be added to include specific screens, by ticket prices, screen quality and much more. ProCAT can provide detailed Evaluation reports which include weekly review of ongoing campaigns, audience measurement, in-depth analysis of admissions to theatres and collections of various movies.

Sachiin Guptaa, national head – Programmatic Cinema, further added, “ProCAT will be a disrupter in the field of Indian Cinema Advertising, with real time information available to the advertisers. This will enable them to modify the existing budgets and plan for better scheduling to maximise the ROI. We feel ProCAT will go a long way in being the key force for brands and advertisers to invest in Cinema Adverts.”

The platform will give accurate footfalls for cinema campaigns, Realtime review of campaign performance, budgets and cinema spends is now possible to determine a better ROI for the end user.

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