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Under Armour's ZIDD FOR MORE campaign ft. Neeraj Chopra celebrates grit, resilience, and stubbornness

The narrative aims to foster a community of inspiration, encouraging individuals to surpass their limits and reach their personal best.

Under Armour’s campaign is inspired by Neeraj Chopra’s grit, resilience, determination and stubbornness. The ‘ZIDD FOR MORE’ campaign delves deep into the Olympic and World Champion’s ziddi mindset to never give up on his goal of bringing greater glory to the nation.

Creative agency Infectious Advertising is behind the campaign.

The content for this awe-inspiring campaign was created by shooting hours and hours of Chopra’s intense training sessions over several days. The film opens with the line ‘Har Taiyaari Se Badkar Hai Ziddari’, a personal belief that Chopra lives by and demonstrates - battling exhaustion, injuries, and loneliness in foreign lands while relentlessly going about his gruelling regimen.

“We are proud of our long partnership with Neeraj, one of India’s greatest athletes and an icon of today’s generation, who embodies the brand’s core values: grit, resilience, and determination. Through this campaign we endeavour to inspire all athletes and strengthen Under Armour's position as India’s most loved athletic performance brand,” said Tushar Goculdas, MD, Underdog Athletics, exclusive India distributor and licensee for Under Armour.

“It's great to have Under Armour supporting me, not just with the high-performance gear that enhances my performance during my training and competition, but also in sharing my journey to inspire the next generation of Indian athletes. This campaign resonates deeply with me because it carries a message I firmly believe in: stay focused, work hard, and pursue your dreams relentlessly," said Neeraj Chopra.

Neeraj is the first Asian to win Olympic Gold and a World Championship title in the Men's Javelin Throw event, and one of only two Indians to win an individual Olympic gold. The 26 year old is one of the most consistent athletes in the world, achieving a podium finish in his last 26 competitive event since 2018.

“We’re excited to see Under Armour’s ZIDD FOR MORE campaign come to life with Neeraj, our marquee athlete and Under Armour’s first Brand Ambassador in India. Neeraj has significantly inspired the next generation of Indian athletes and contributed to the growth of athletics in India. His success has unlocked the marketing potential of Olympic sports in the country. At JSW Sports, we see our talent roster elevating Indian sports and sponsorships, and campaigns like this from Under Armour play a crucial role in achieving that,” said Divyanshu Singh, chief operating officer of JSW Sports. JSW Sports has exclusively managed Neeraj since 2017.

Under Armour’s ZIDD FOR MORE campaign not only celebrates Chopra’s journey but also encourages the entire nation to participate by sharing their own stories of perseverance using the hashtag #ZIDDFORMORE. This collective narrative of determination aims to create a community of inspiration, motivating individuals to push beyond their limits and achieve their personal best.

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