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UnFoldMart wins social media and SEO mandate for Atmosly by SquareOps Technologies

The partnership will elevate brand visibility and engagement through innovative social media and SEO strategies.

UnFoldMart, an advertising agency based in Gurugram, has secured the social media and SEO mandate for Atmosly, an engineering product platform by SquareOps Technologies.

The partnership will introduce Atmosly's pioneering DevOps automation platform to a broader audience through strategic social media engagement and advanced SEO techniques.

Ankush Madaan, founder, Atmosly, expressed his optimism about the collaboration. He said, "In today's rapidly evolving tech landscape, maintaining a dynamic digital presence is not just an option; it's a necessity. We are eager to witness how UnFoldMart's innovative strategies will enhance our brand's online visibility and user engagement."

UnFoldMart's strategic approach to this partnership encompasses a comprehensive analysis of Atmosly's current digital footprint. The agency's plan includes deploying a diverse range of innovative social media campaigns, content marketing initiatives, and SEO tactics, all designed to bolster Atmosly's brand awareness and online authority.

The partnership further underscores UnFoldMart's continuous growth and its prowess in the tech sector. It highlights the agency's ability to adapt and thrive across various industry landscapes. "This mandate is not merely about enhancing Atmosly's digital presence; it's about setting a new standard in how tech companies leverage digital marketing to connect with their audience," elaborated Abhishek Garg, founder, UnFoldMart.

As part of the mandate, UnFoldMart will work closely with Atmosly's internal marketing team, fostering a collaborative and synergistic approach.

Madaan brings his visionary leadership to the forefront. His commitment to empowering developers and simplifying application deployments is at the core of Atmosly's success.

Meanwhile, Garg is poised to lead the charge in unveiling Atmosly's potential to the digital world. His expertise in digital marketing and brand strategy aligns perfectly with the objectives of this partnership.

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