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Unilever Nepal supports returning migrant workers against stigma and discrimination

The workers, who’re looking forward to their country’s support during these tough times, may face stigma due to lack of knowledge.

Remittances to Nepal will see a 14 per cent dip this year (2020), says the World Bank. It's bad news for the Himalayan nation because remittances represent more than a quarter of its economic output.

In 2019, Nepal received $8.10 billion as remittances. The major reason for this sharp dip is the Coronavirus pandemic that's severely hit an already weakened world economy.

Nepal's migrant workers are majorly employed in the Gulf, India, and South-East Asia. Now, due to lack of employment opportunities and the risk of the virus' infection, they're returning home.

While they would like their country to support them during these uncertain and hard times, the risk of unruly and rude behaviour might also await them. Thanks to false rumours, they may face stigma and discriminations.

So, Unilever Nepal has partnered with UNICEF to launch a campaign called #HamroNamaste. It is aimed at bringing out the humane side of people regarding their treatment towards the returning migrant workers.

Nepal's top actor Rajesh Hamal features in the campaign where he, through a poem, reminds the people of his country that the returning workers are their own family and shouldn't be treated as outsiders.

The lack of right information and rumours have fuelled stigma towards people who’re returning home. It's time we treat them as our own, as humans.

As per Worldometer, Nepal had 15,964 COVID-19 cases as of July 6.