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Upstox celebrates Father’s Day with #FirstFinancialAdvisor campaign

The film showcases the evolving conversations between fathers and their children, highlighting valuable financial principles shared over time.

Upstox, a wealth management platform, has launched a campaign video on the occasion of Father’s Day. The short film captures the essence of an ever-evolving relationship between fathers and their children.

The film depicts the journey of a child from birth to adulthood, highlighting key moments and conversations in a father-child relationship. Initially, fathers are often mentoring their young children, but as the children grow, the relationship evolves into a more friendly and guiding dynamic. Similar to this transition, the video starts with the father imparting simple lessons about saving money to his young child, progressively offering more complex financial advice as the child matures. Each phase of life depicted in the film underscores the importance of our fathers’ both- in our lives as well as our financial journey.

Kavitha Subramanian, co-founder, Upstox, said, "On Father’s Day, we want to honour the silent yet significant role fathers play in shaping our financial futures. Our campaign is a tribute to all the dads who have guided us, supported us, and helped us navigate the complexities of financial management. Through this film, we want to thank our fathers for shaping both- our financial path, and who we are today."

Upstox’s Father’s Day campaign aligns with its mission to promote financial literacy. By highlighting the generational transfer of financial knowledge, Upstox underscores the importance of early financial education and the role of family in fostering financial education. The campaign will be aired across Upstox’s social media platforms.

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