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Upwork’s new campaign on the future of work is a gripping treat

The brainchild of creative agency Alto and directed by Mark Molloy, it also introduces ‘Work Marketplace’.

Never, since the Industrial Revolution, has the way we worked changed so drastically. The COVID pandemic not only made ‘work from home’ the most common work jargon, but also gave independent/freelance work a major boost.

A new spot from Upwork, one of the world’s leading platforms helping businesses connect with independent workers, captures this change in working in its latest spot.

The riveting spot, a brainchild of creative agency Alto and directed by Mark Molloy, gives us a glimpse of Upwork’s new industry category ‘Work Marketplace’.

In the ad, which is just five seconds short of three minutes, we see how the lives of a young CEO and four freelancers, living in different parts of the world, come together through their screens.

Upwork’s website describes ‘Work Marketplace’ as a place where independent professionals find great opportunities with desirable clients. The clients can immediately scale and grow with access to the on-demand global workforce of highly skilled independent talent. This new term speaks to the full potential of what happens at Upwork, and what it makes possible.

Upwork’s CEO Hayden Brown says in a company blog post, “I’ve heard incredible stories from the Upwork community that reinforce to me how important our work is. They also drive home how much Upwork differs from traditional staffing firms and ‘gig’ solutions for freelancing, which perpetuate transactional relationships and commoditise freelancers.”

“We have always envisioned and enabled a better way to work, with freelancers at the heart of every business. They’re doing critical work that goes against the old freelancer stereotype, and challenges the traditional notions of what makes a workforce and how work gets done.”