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Urban Company taps Meta for a hyperlocal marketing strategy to promote its weekly cleaning subscription

It partnered with Nash8 to create films that align with Meta's platform capabilities and deliver the brand's message.

Taking its creative storytelling a notch further, Urban Company is thrilled to collaborate with Meta to jointly develop a series of films promoting its weekly bathroom cleaning service. The films are crafted following the guiding principles that align with Meta’s platform capabilities and Urban Company’s brand message.

Recognising that consumers want content, not just ads, Urban Company designed this campaign to create engaging videos on Meta where consumers frequently come to engage. Leveraging Meta’s geo-targeting capability with day parting (serving ads only at certain hours of the day) and look-alike modeling, the initiative builds a scalable, high-cost efficiency go-to-market strategy.

The films features two Meta-first films that reimagine the classic concept of uninvited guests as bathroom critics, adding a surprising twist to a timeless scenario. Urban Company aims to tap into more urban consumers who over-index on regular, timely, and professional cleaning services.

Rahul Teotia, vice president - marketing at Urban Company says, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Meta on this innovative campaign for our Weekly Bathroom Cleaning Service. This partnership allows us to leverage Meta’s cutting-edge platform capabilities to create engaging and impactful content. By focusing on Meta-first creatives, we can better connect with our audience in a way that feels natural and entertaining. This campaign represents a significant step in our digital brand journey, and we are excited to see the positive impact it will have on our brand awareness and customer engagement.”

Said Shweta Bajpai, director, Financial Services, Media, Travel and Real Estate (India), Meta, “People are naturally in discovery mode when they come on our platforms, and they are looking to be entertained even while consuming brand messages. We’ve consistently noticed that brand campaigns that build mobile-first creatives built for our platforms perform better across both brand and performance metrics. Additionally, brands can use hyper-local targeting across our platforms to reach their customers accurately. We’re thrilled to work along with Urban Company to create a campaign that builds on the key strengths of our platforms to drive delight for their customers and deliver performance for their business.”

Further, Urban Company roped in Nash8, a creative agency specialising in Meta-first creatives, to deploy these videos. Nasheet Shadani, founder and creative head, Nash8 remarked, “We’re excited to partner with Urban Company on their digital brand journey and launch this mobile-first campaign. People don’t scroll through feeds or Reels to see ads; they’re mostly there for entertainment. The challenge for brands is to create content that feels native to the platform rather than appearing intrusive. Therefore, we aimed to design ads that blend seamlessly with content while quickly delivering the brand message in an attention-grabbing way.”

The weekly bathroom cleaning service, launched recently, offers a value-for-money subscription priced at Rs. 599 per month for four services per bathroom. Consumers can choose between different cleaning plan frequencies: once a week or once every two weeks.

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