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Urban Ladder invites sumos to test their furniture in their latest campaign #BuiltToLast

The two films focus on demonstrating the testing process and reinforcing the company's position as a branded seller of long-lasting furniture.

Urban Ladder, has announced the launch of two digital ad films, as part of its new campaign ‘Built to Last’. The campaign uses sumo wrestlers to demonstrate the strength of its sofas and beds.

The new ad campaign from Urban ladder has been conceptualized and created by Wunderman Thompson, Bangalore. The film features a couple in an Urban Ladder store, contemplating whether to purchase a bed they like. As they ponder, their attention is drawn to the sounds of taiko drums and two sumos charging at each other. They clash and the larger sumo is tossed onto the bed and the other sumo also rolls over him landing on the bed. The couple is delighted to see that the bed does not buckle and remains intact despite the impact. The film closes with the couple satisfied with the durability of the bed, the two sumos playfully tickling each other with the tagline ‘Built to Last’ from Urban Ladder.

Through this campaign, the brand attempts to challenge the common misconception amongst furniture consumers that all furniture will fall apart after a few years, regardless of quality. With both digital ads, the brand strives to create awareness about this issue, inspire a positive shift in attitude and tell consumers that their furniture can stand up to the test of time, and is in fact #BuiltToLast.

Commenting on the launch, Nishant Gupta, chief business officer, Urban Ladder, said, “We are extremely excited about the launch of our new ad campaign, Built to Last. Through the campaign, Urban Ladder aims to draw attention to the durability of its furniture and address the common concern amongst consumers for reliable and long-lasting furniture. I also believe that the campaign will position Urban Ladder as the top choice for customers and become the go-to brand for customers seeking quality and durability in furniture. We are also proud to announce that we now have 60 stores across India.”

With the objective to amplify the latest ad films, the brand has launched a 360 degree integrated campaign. The brand is creating a Built to Last zone in its retail outlets, highlighting the reasons why its furniture is Built to Last. Through this, it attempts to educate its customers and remind them of the questions that they need to be asking while purchasing furniture. The campaign will span in-store, digital, outdoor, print, and social media.

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