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V-Guard launches summer election campaign using AI-generated videos of its lead products as candidates

The campaign is conceptualised and scripted by V-Guard’s agency, Ralph&Das, in collaboration with Eunoians Animation studio to bring it to life.

As the celebration of democracy in India is going on in full swing, V-Guard spotted an unmissable opportunity to connect with its consumers and launched a summer campaign modelled on elections. With a footprint across 17 categories, V-Guard presents its lead products in each category as a candidate, borrowing the extravagant language and nuances from the Indian political landscape, and taking light-hearted pot-shots at the poor performing rivals.

The crafting involved development of each character using 3D animation, complemented by the tapestry of voice-over delivery styles, sound effects, and sloganeering that are so typical of Indian elections.

The campaign has been further amplified by leveraging the new age Artificial Intelligence. In a first-of-its-kind attempt in the industry, AI-generated videos were created mimicking the format of breaking news, with an AI newsreader reporting on V-Guard’s candidate in this fictitious election campaign. This approach adds a fresh and futuristic dimension to V-Guard’s advertising strategy.

The campaign is conceived and scripted by V-Guard’s agency Ralph&Das who partnered with Eunoians Animation studio to bring the campaign alive.

The digital campaign will be featured on YouTube, particularly on its news feed, supported by the company’s social media platforms. It comprises a series of five video ads showcasing multiple V-Guard product categories which are Wires, Fans, Air Coolers, Stabilizers, Inverter and Battery.

“At V-Guard, we believe in seizing every opportunity to connect with our consumers in innovative and engaging ways. With the excitement of elections sweeping the nation, we saw a perfect chance to infuse some fun and creativity into our marketing campaign. By presenting our lead products as political candidates, we're not just showcasing their quality and reliability but also adding a touch of humour and familiarity that resonates with our audience. Moreover, our groundbreaking use of AI to create a simulated news environment further demonstrates our commitment to pushing the boundaries of clutter breaking communication and embracing cutting-edge technology”, said Nandagopal Nair, VP, brand and communication, V-Guard Industries.

“When the client suggested we should do a campaign around the ongoing elections, the thought that struck us immediately was that we should mirror a typical election campaign. Choosing a candidate is the voter’s choice based on promises made, similarly choosing a brand/product is the consumer's choice. And thus, we put our own (V-Guard’s) candidates out there with their unique promises”, said Anil Ralph Thomas, chief creative officer, Ralph&Das.

"This is moment marketing. The execution, timing and tenor of the campaign were critical. I think we got that right", said Kaustav Das, chief executive officer, Ralph&Das.

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