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Vicco launches new ad campaign for its turmeric aloe vera

This is the first in the series of three ads that will be put out by the brand.

Vicco has rolled out its new ad campaign for its turmeric aloe vera skin cream. The campaign is created by Yellow Windows Communications, and the latest ad for Vicco Turmeric Aloe vera skin cream is the first in the series of three ads.

It reassures teens that they no longer have to fret over their skincare routines. One cream can solve most of their skin problems.

Speaking about the product and communication, Devesh Pendharkar, director - Vicco Laboratories said, “Over the past 7 decades Vicco has come up with some great quality ayurvedic products. This Turmeric Aloe vera cream is yet another innovation in our skincare range. Turmeric is very good at healing problems like acne and pimples while aloe vera is good at cooling sunburn and rashes. The two ingredients make a great combination and this one cream can do the job of many others. It’s every girl’s ‘go-to’ product for almost all skin problems."

Virendra Saini, managing partner, Yellow Windows Communications says, “When we spoke to teens about their skin problems we realised that majority of them were very frustrated with the sheer number of products they had to apply to keep their face clear and very often, one solution led to another problem. This insight is what led to the idea of ‘keeping skincare simple. And this ayurvedic product delivers on its promise as it has the goodness of both turmeric and aloe vera, which together can give relief to most skin problems that one may have.”

Jyotsna Bhat, cofounder, Yellow Windows adds, “The ads in the series are true stories of teens and thereby, very relatable. Narrated in a quirky manner that makes them stand out and elicit a smile, the ads bring alive the skin problems and the frustration that every girl goes through and offer her one solution that could give relief to most skin problems. We want to tell girls out there that looking good and having clear skin is actually very simple”

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