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Vim Dishwash's new ad shatters archaic gender roles

It delivers a strong message on how women are not limited by their household responsibilities.

The dishwashing liquid brand Vim has launched a new campaign that aims to break gender stereotypes. ‘Nazariya Badlo, Dekho Bartano Se Aage’ is a nudge to society to see women beyond archaic roles. It depicts how women are not defined only by their household responsibilities but have a life beyond it.

Directed by Lowe Lintas, the TVC is a story of a prospective matrimonial arrangement, where the ‘independent guy’ under the implicit assumption that it is the wife’s job to cook and clean, tries to impress the girl by offering to ‘help’ her with cooking. The girl immediately offers to ‘help’ him with dishes, gently nudging him to be independent in household chores as well, as she could get late from work. The boy’s initial shock and eventual change of perspective drives home the campaign message. The girl in the ad is not only ‘more than her chores’ but also a change-maker who calls for equal partnership.

Prabha Narasimhan, Executive Director & VP – Home Care, South Asia said, “Vim is the market leader in Dishwash by far and has helped make the dishwashing process easier and hassle-free over the ages. We are inspired by the successful women around us who excel in whatever they do, being homemakers and decision-makers. They are already way more than chores, but sometimes get limited by society’s definition of chores being a woman’s primary responsibility. If we offload them from these societal stereotypes and the stress caused by them, there is so much more they can and will be. At Vim, that is precisely going to be our endeavour with ‘Nazariya Badlo, Dekho Bartano Se Aage’.

Prateek Bhardwaj, Chief Creative Officer – Lowe Lintas said, “This campaign speaks to the mindset that when a man does the dishes, he's 'helping' the woman of the house. An act for which society applauds him, when in fact it’s something that he should be doing as a member of the household. Nudging the society to realise this double standard that exists was at the heart of this campaign.”

The second ad explores the relationship between an aunt and a niece. When the niece is heading to the hostel, she asks her aunt for tips on cleaning utensils. While she offers her a Vim bar response she also gives her tips of self-defence- again reiterating that a woman is not limited to her household chores but is capable of more.

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