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Vim’s new ad is all for brass and copper cleansing; Here’s why

The film shows a tussle between a worshipper and a peacock, until Vim comes to rescue.

In the hushed ambience of a season steeped in sacred rituals and reverential traditions, Vim has come to the rescue of worshippers struggling with the upkeep of sacred articles. The new product, Shuddham Gel, infused with the cleansing potency of tamarind and the scent of sandalwood, takes on the copper and brass articles in the household, which are typically hard to clean.

In Vim's latest opus, an unnamed protagonist delicately grapples with the relentless embrace of rust dripping off what looks like a peacock brass article. The gel drops, guided through the crevices of the ornament, coax the rust away.

The resonance of this ad does not merely echo in the clang of brass or the patina of copper; it takes a stride beyond the conventions of Vim. This product is relevant in the festive season as people do more worship-oriented activities now. Generally, the brand's advertisements start and end in a sink, with its predominant narrative built around the strength of its products.

The category itself is largely unorganised, and has often left consumers grappling with an array of subpar alternatives. With the introduction of Shuddham Gel, Vim is seemingly taking the right steps into the market. 

With the focus on the sanctity of worship-oriented activities, this film touches on a common predicament. Brass and copper often bear the weight of meticulous maintenance, demanding not just effort but some neat handwork as well.

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