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VIP Bags lifts baggage of expectations off the shoulders of new brides

The campaign ‘Pyaar wahi par soch nai’, featuring actress Vaani Kapoor, attempts to connect the 53-year-old brand with the youth.

VIP Bags has launched a TVC for the upcoming wedding season. However, instead of portraying the product in a typical wedding scenario, the leading 53-year-old luggage brand has chosen the moment to break stereotypes and help the youth connect with it.

In a campaign titled ‘Pyaar wahi par soch nai’, featuring actress Vaani Kapoor, VIP highlights its wedding collection travel bags made for today’s young and discerning travellers.

Marriage being one of the key triggers towards investing in luggage, the brand has picked up an insight on how the blessings showered on a new bride puts unnecessary pressures on her. Through this film, VIP aims to bring in a shift in people’s perspective of doing away with such unnecessary pressure and enabling the young bride to settle in easily into her new home.

The ‘Pyaar wahi par soch nai’ campaign is positioned with the onset of the wedding season, at a time when people are planning their honeymoons and other vacations, and stepping into their new life forward. The TVC captures the emotions of a new bride, while she is all set to embark on a new journey and tell women not to succumb to undue pressures after getting married.

Praful Gupta, vice president, marketing, VIP Industries, said, “With the wedding season upon us, while touching upon the ceremonial aspects of the occasion, we, at VIP Bags, wanted to stand for something real and more meaningful with this campaign. The message in the TVC reverberates with the inner voice of every woman in the present-day empowered world.”

“As a brand with a great legacy, we’ve always been the first choice for travel bags over the years and with this messaging, it also showcases our progressive and forward thinking. We roped in Vaani Kapoor for this campaign keeping in mind her ambitious and free-thinking youth appeal. She certainly resonates with the audiences with her natural charm and traditional, yet modern approach. We’re confident this campaign will touch the hearts of millions.”

Created by The Rethink Company, the film presents a new perspective on the issue of the burden of orthodox expectations that new brides have to bear. These expectations that have not changed much with time, often come from no malice. In fact, they come from a place of love in the form of blessings from well-meaning elders in the family.

In line with VIP’s culture of new thinking, the film presents a new perspective on the subject. In the form of a whole new expression of love and blessings as you welcome a new bride home. A feeling aptly summed up in the end of the commercial by Kapoor, ‘Pyaar wahi par soch nai’.

Nirmalya Sen, founder and CEO of The Rethink Company, added, “We had two significant challenges. One, making this 53-year-old leader endear itself to the young, especially in the deeply traditional context of an Indian wedding. And two, relevance for our brand in the wedding market when the category only has a role post one. The film does both by disrupting a practice ingrained in Indian culture.”

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