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Virat Kohli spurs fans to stretch limits in 'Hamesha #ReadyToPerform' campaign by Amaze

Amaze aims to triple its growth and consumer touchpoints in the next three years with a focus on solar product solutions and high capacity inverters.

Amaze, an energy solutions brand, launched its new brand campaign Hamesha #ReadyToPerform to showcase its range of inverters, batteries, and solar products in Lucknow on April 3. Amaze offers a product line exclusively designed to withstand long and frequent power cuts, extreme weather conditions, and fast charging feature.

As a part of its new Hamesha #ReadyToPerform campaign, Amaze unveiled its first brand thematic and product film that aims to inspire consumers to push their boundaries, overcome challenges, and strive for excellence relentlessly. Virat Kohli, renowned for his unparalleled dedication and consistency on the cricket field, epitomises the spirit of readiness and peak performance.

The film showcases Virat pushing his limits to perform better each day and in every aspect of his game, resulting in faster scoring and endurance. The campaign underscores Amaze's pursuit of innovation and quality in delivering energy solutions, powering the dreams and aspirations of emerging India with an uninterrupted power supply.

Amaze event in Lucknow
Amaze event in Lucknow

Speaking on the occasion, Preeti Bajaj, CEO and MD, said, “Amaze has established itself as a trustworthy brand in India by providing high-quality and energy-efficient energy solutions. The retail and energy sectors are currently experiencing a new wave of growth in the new emerging Bharat, due to rising urbanisation and an increase in the purchasing power of consumers. With a strategic focus on innovation, and expansion, along with a solar approach, Amaze is poised to make a significant impact on the energy landscape in India, and our target is to triple our growth and customer touchpoints in the next 3 years. We intend to continue powering the dreams and aspirations of emerging India with an uninterrupted and independent power supply.”

Neelima Burra, chief strategy, transformation and marketing officer added, “The Hamesha #ReadyToPerform campaign exemplifies Amaze's commitment to empowering consumers to excel in every aspect of their lives. The film is based on consumer insight inspiring middle India to break boundaries and chase dreams without the hassle of power cuts. We believe middle India is rising because they don’t want to be seen left behind in a rapidly changing world and they prepare themselves for everyday challenges relentlessly.”

Kohli in 'Hamesha #ReadyToPerform' campaign
Kohli in 'Hamesha #ReadyToPerform' campaign

Anusha Shetty, chairperson and group CEO, Grey Group India, said, "Thanks to digital democratisation, a new wave of Indians are shaping the country. Indians who think no dream is unrealistic. Indians who think it's not where you come from but where you're headed those counts. Amaze believes in fueling their aspirations with uninterrupted power."

The campaign will feature visuals and videos showcasing Virat Kohli's commitment to readiness and performance, highlighting the reliability and efficiency of Amaze's inverter batteries. Through various digital and social media platforms, Amaze will engage with consumers, encouraging them to share their stories of readiness and performance using the hashtag #ReadyToPerform.

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