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Vi’s IPL ads emphasise on 4G speed, accessibility, told with a few tongue twisters

The Ogilvy ads talk about how the network’s 4G connection speed can play a role in helping people learn and work from home.

What does someone need to dance like the late Michael Jackson? Fancy shoes? Access to a dance studio, or an instructor? Vi India’s latest ad disagrees.

The ad is the latest in Vi’s #SpeedSeBadho campaign, which has been live since the last two months. It features Baba Jackson, a skinny ambitious boy who uses Vi 4G, and learns how to dance with the help of YouTube tutorials. He goes on to become a viral sensation.

He could be any one of us – the ad highlights the ease of access to a world of information via the Internet, irrespective of which corner of the country you live in.

Earlier in March, two ads were released, as a part of the #SpeedSeBadho campaign. The first ad was a spin on the age-old Hindi tongue-twister – kaccha papad, pakka papad. The ad is a story of an old woman, who has made too many papads, but doesn’t know what to do with them. Her granddaughter decides to create a social media account for her papads and helps turn it into a small business.

The second ad featured yet another tongue-twister – she sells sea shells by the sea shore. This ad featured a young woman trying to sell shell-based jewellery, but her store is bereft of sales. She sees some children playing by the shore and hits upon an idea to market her jewellery.

The very first ad in this series aired in February and featured a hard-to-please boss – Khadak Singh. He is disgruntled with his employees, who are unable to create a presentation to his standards and liking. He finally breaks into a smile when one of his employees uses Vi 4G to create a pie chart just the way he expected.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the 360-degree, high visibility campaign will be seen across diverse media, including TV, OOH and digital.

Commenting on the campaign, Avneesh Khosla, chief marketing officer, Vi, said “Telecom services are a lifeline for millions of Indians and a catalyst for many of us to thrive and build a better tomorrow – rediscover our passions, learn new skills – as well as build new business models. Today, Indians are looking for ways and means to achieve their ambitions and get ahead in life.”

“The campaign #SpeedSeBadho is our attempt to narrate these passionate stories, which are backed by Vi’s 4G. Our digital-focused communication reiterates how Vi’s fastest 4G, verified by Ookla, has helped customers to thrive and move ahead in life.”

Speaking about the concept behind the new campaign, Kiran Antony, CCO, Ogilvy South, added, “Today, everyone is continuously working towards bettering multiple aspects of their professional and personal life. Whether it’s about upskilling or starting a new business on social media, speed of the network is the most critical factor. Through the #SpeedSeBadho campaign, we wanted to capture instances of people thriving using tongue-twisters as an audio device.”

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