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Wagh Bakri brews “Pyar Wali Chai” campaign with new TVCs

The brand has launched ad campaign, in collaboration with tiqui-taka, a Mumbai-based creative agency.

Tea in India is not just a beverage; who understands this better than the Most Trusted Tea Brand in India - Wagh Bakri? In collaboration with tiqui-taka, a Mumbai-based creative agency, the brand has launched 4 ads - a 3-ad campaign titled ‘PyaarWaliChai’ and another film that is an announcer Wagh Bakri has been voted as India’s Most trusted tea brand. The 4th ad will go live before Diwali.

Parag Desai, executive director, Wagh Bakri Tea Group, states, “We always put humans and relationships first, and we hope we have been able to continue this message through these ads. We found tiqui-taka’s ideas very insightful, and the stories are simple yet charming. Also, we truly adored their approach of converting real life insights into emotional TVC and make them a must-watch. We have planned aggressive visibility on leading National, International & Regional TV Channels and across Digital platforms”

Jigar Fernandes, founder and creative head, tiqui-taka, says, “It was a pleasure knowing this beautiful brand inside out. We were moved by their research on customers and the trust and freedom they bestowed on us. We have tried to make our ads with as much love as Wagh Bakri makes their chai.” Jigar Fernandes has also directed these ads through his production house, Third Floor Films.

Yogesh Shinde, senior VP Marketing, Wagh Bakri Tea Group shared, “Our insight was simple - that making chai is an act of love. The 3 shorties talk about 3 different relationships and how a slice-of-life moment around tea makes our message about relationships come alive. For the ‘Most trusted brand’ brief, our idea was that we all trust in someone to make the tea that makes our day, and Wagh Bakri is proud that all the tea-makers trust in the brand. For better campaign recall, this time we have casted well-known actors from Hindi film industry i.e. Divya Dutta, Darsheel Safary, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, Anand Tiwari.”

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