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Wai Wai tells you to eat noodles straight out of the pack or cook it

The Nepali noodle brand highlights its USP in two new spots.

A crucial aspect of the instant noodle-cooking experience is the period between putting the water to boil and tearing the pack open and crushing the noodle cake.

Why? Because it’s the only time when most people will pop in little pieces of dry noodles as they wait to spot the first sight of bubbles in the water. However, there’s a limit to eating dry noodles because it can upset your stomach.

Wai Wai, a Nepali noodle brand launched in 1972, has released two spots for its ‘ready to eat’ noodles that turn this experience on its head. You can either eat Wai Wai noodles straight from the pack, or cook it.

Whilst it’s not a new take, it’s an interesting one. And we (afaqs!) are quite interested to see how Wai Wai stacks up against rivals such as Sunfeast YiPPee!, Top Ramen Curry, Knorr Soupy Noodles, Ching’s Secret Noodles, etc.