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Wakefit has Sumeet Vyas go on a tirade against “return to office”

The actor smells a conspiracy between companies calling employees back to the office and the virus.

There’s a point in mattress brand Wakefit’s new video that borders on the edge of logic and conspiracy theory and at the same time you feel “been there, done that”.

Actor Sumeet Vyas, in this near four-and-a-half-minute video, is livid with the return of a new Coronavirus variant. He rues the lost years of ‘20 and ‘21 and how ‘22 seems to be heading the same way. His rant speaks to us because we too have emoted such thoughts in the past few years. But, I don’t think any of us did it while sitting on a bright yellow sofa.

There came a point where Vyas declared a conspiracy between the companies and the virus. Each time the employers ask their employees to get ready for office, a variant decides to strike the world. He made an amusing point on how the virus must have been a disgruntled employee in its last birth.

Throughout this rant, Vyas does not leave the comfort of the couch; all the comforts of work from home is captured by one single piece of furniture.

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