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Advertising tells 2020, “Bhaad Mein Jaa”

It is a fun qawwali that serves as the right balm to end a troubled year.

If we could, we’d frankly doze right through this year, than bear all the troubles it has caused us. And while we can’t do that,, the leading home and sleep solutions provider, has come the closest with its year-ender, in the form of a song. Aptly titled “Bhaad Mein Jaa 2020”, this Spring Marketing Capital created song is the perfect knock-out punch to put the year to sleep.

From the ‘Shabba Khair Qawwali Group’ sign in the background to lyrics that go “Ab tuhi bata tujhe kyon yaad rakhu oh 2020, aree kasht diye hai tune plenty plenty…” It’s just the antidote we needed to sign this year off.

Talking about the release and success of the video, Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, director and co-founder of, said, “We really wanted to sum up 2020 on a lighter note and give people something to chuckle about after a gruelling few months this year.”

“We created an independent YouTube channel called ‘Home Time’ and released this video, which is our way of bidding 2020 goodbye once and for all. At, we believe in creating content that makes people smile, while also bringing to light the need for sleep and home wellness. We are thrilled to have received such an overwhelming response for our video from netizens,” he signed off.