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Wakefit's 'The Office' inspired year-ender mockumentary

The video humorously shows the 2023 journey of the brand, including the not-so-appreciable stuff.

Wakefit, the sleep solutions brand, has released a mockumentary-style year-end meeting video featuring its own team. The video is a recreation of the 'The Office', an American mockumentary sitcom television series, and takes viewers through the brand’s 2023 review.

It begins with a man dressed in pajamas and a crown, inquiring about the year-end meeting room. Despite receiving clear directions, he walks towards the wrong side. Set against an 'Office'-esque backdrop, the meeting encapsulates Wakefit's year in a nutshell.

It unfolds with a boss portraying himself as the 'world’s best boss' and seeking numbers– a critical parameter for growth. The team starts on a positive note, highlighting successful campaigns, good sales revenue and new brand identity and logo. However, the tone quickly shifts as the quest for numbers reveals some quirky responses.

The digital guy is totally confused, the tech man honestly accepts the errors and the social media person runs off. The PR guy boast about awards won in 2023 and whenever the crowned man tries to speak something, he gets interrupted.

Finally, the crowned guy expresses gratitude for the team's efforts and he commends the brand's resilience, acknowledging both successes and setbacks. Also, he mentions that the Ayushmann Khurrana ad was really cute.

Towards the end, the video unveils who the crowned guy actually is. It underscores the brand's commitment to transparency and acknowledging the customer's voice in a space where success stories often dominate.

The video discusses about both successes and stumbling blocks in its journey towards progress. At one place, the crowned guy says, "If I wanted to discuss delivery issues, I'd do it on LinkedIn", humorously shedding light on the trend of using LinkedIn as a platform to air grievances.

The brand has showcased both triumphs and challenges, defying the conventional narrative prevalent on LinkedIn. Moreover, the video releasing on LinkedIn, a platform typically reserved for boasting accomplishments, further highlights the brand's audacious stride towards engaging audiences with unfiltered storytelling.

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