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Watch Dream11 IPL with your friends, says Disney+ Hotstar VIP

A novel way to watch the upcoming Indian Premier League with your friends without any risk.

Let's face the truth – India is an extroverted country. From hollering when an action sequence plays out at the movie hall to screaming one's lungs out on seeing a Virat Kohli cover drive, staying inside in silence isn't cut for this nation.

Then the Coronavirus and lockdowns happened.

Suddenly, we had to stay indoors, go out only when needed, couldn't meet our friends, and our only source of human interaction were our family members. On top of all this, all live events were cancelled. It was a hard few months for many folks.

Taking this context of being cooped up in the homes with family members and unable to meet friends, Disney+ Hotstar has released two ads for the upcoming Dream11 Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020.

The first ad shows people dressed up as superheroes, about to go out and meet their friends to watch the IPL together only to be stopped by their partners, who're also decked in superhero gear.

The second ad shows a guy trying to watch an IPL match at home with his family members. The family members and their antics come together to create an unpleasant viewing experience.

In both cases, Disney+ Hotstar VIP presents itself as the saviour. You can watch all the league matches with your friends on the app, and also chat while at it. All for Rs 399 per year.

Dream11 IPL will be held in the UAE this year, from September 19 till November 10. The afternoon matches will start at 3.30 p.m. (IST) and the night matches will start at 7.30 p.m.

Due to the prevailing anti-China sentiment, Chinese smartphone brand Vivo had pulled out as the title sponsor. In its place, Mumbai-based fantasy game company Dream11 made the winning bid of Rs 234 crore to become IPL 2020's title sponsor.