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'We need this Diwali', urges Godrej's new ad for LAL HIT cockroach spray

It’s not every day you see a cockroach spray being advertised in a Diwali ad.

The pandemic, the lockdowns, and all the work from home have trapped all of us into a stupor – a life where monotony rules. Thank the heavens for Diwali has arrived and we can see ourselves and others come out of his lazy state of mind and get active once again. It's simple: We need this Diwali.

Take the new Godrej LAL HIT ad, it illustrates to the point how the festival has brought a definite sense of celebration and optimism in the air which is seen in the deep cleaning of the home – the first step of Diwali preparation.

We see each family member do their bit to clean the home and amid this era of heightened cleanliness and hygiene, there’s a brief scene where LAL HIT is sprayed in the kitchen sink and other corners – it’s not every day you see a cockroach killing spray being inserted in a Diwali ad but the new pandemic era calls for it.

Sunil Kataria, CEO – India & SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL), said, “2020 will witness an inherently ‘indoor’ festive season, but that will in no way dampen the festive spirits. We want to remind everyone how even though this year’s festivities will be on a smaller-scale with our immediate family, we will enjoy it in our own unique yet endearing way.

As home cleaning routine is a must before Diwali, Godrej LAL HIT ensures there is no cockroach infestation. Roaches contaminate food, utensils and kitchen counters with germs and bacteria and cause food poisoning. With LAL HIT, households can tackle the roach problem, make homes festive ready and enjoy a Super HIT Diwali.”

Amar Singh, Regional Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas, said, “Diwali 2020 is unlike any that we have experienced or are likely to experience in our lifetimes. And after everything we have been through in this trying period, each one of us deserves to celebrate it.

Conceived by Rajat Dawar and Vishal Bagade, this film aims to capture this sentiment. And is a wish for all of us to have a Super HIT Diwali from a brand that ensures we are always safe and protected in our homes.”

Has the deep cleaning of your home begun?