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When a mom took an Ola only to get her Tupperware boxes back

And, she also made 'kadha' for her sick son on the side.

When Supriya Pilgaonkar says, "Main tere liye nahi aaye, main apne Tupperware ke dabbe lene aai hu," it sums up the essence of this new Ola ad. The ad not only touts the safety precautions the cab-hailing app offers, but it also plays on mother-son relationships for a fun four minutes and 33 seconds.

While we're in 'unlock' mode, we must also remember that the Coronavirus pandemic isn't over, and we should step put only if it is necessary. It's exactly what Varun Thakur, who plays Pilgaonkar's son in the ad, repeatedly stresses while pulling her leg about her tech prowess. "I think I should open tuition classes to teach moms how to use their phones," he says.

Through this ad, which was conceptualised by OML (Only Much Louder), we see the regular mother-son relationships that have played forever. The son, who is living alone, fails to remember 'daal' names and asks his mom. He can't find his boxers, and again asks his mom. He teases his mom about her ability to use a phone, she has a smart comeback. You know the usual drill by now.

The interesting part is when Thakur falls sick and video calls Pilgaonkar to ask how one makes 'kadha'. It is then that we see the deep mother-son bond. Pilgaonkar drops everything and visits her son with 'kadha'. While sipping it, he asks her how did she manage, because it's not safe outside. She then shows him a self-shot video. In it, she describes how she took an Ola and all the safety features it offers. And, oh yes, she also emphasises that she's there for the Tupperware boxes!

In the self-shot video she refers to Ola's '5 Layers of Safety':

Drivers and customers must wear masks at all times.

All exposed areas of the cabs are cleaned before every ride.

All cars are fumigated thrice every week.

Drivers have regular temperature checks.

There are protective screens between drivers and passenger seats.

It's not the first ad that Ola has released to highlight its new safety protocols to suit the new normal. Last week, it encouraged people to book an auto via its app, while extolling the safety features it offered.