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When Anil Kapoor discovered the romance playlist on Spotify

Made by Leo Burnett, it's the latest ad from the music streaming giant's 'Sunte Ja' campaign.

Parents asking their kids to do mobile related stuff for them is the hallmark of the 21st century parent-children relationship. It's aptly reflected in Spotify's new ad from its 'Sunte Ja' campaign featuring actors Anil Kapoor and Yashaswini Dayama.

In it, Kapoor aka Guptaji asks his daughter (Dayama) to upload "Dil Chori", "Dil Bechara", "Dilbaro" love songs on his phone. But, his daughter tells him that all these songs are present on his phone.

She explains to her father that all he has to do is download the Spotify app, search for 'Romance', and he'll find all the romance playlists he needs. And then we see Kapoor sorry Guptaji go all dad mode and call for his wife Sujata because now every day is Valentine's Day.

The YouTube description of the ad reads, "Whatever be your music choice, Spotify has got you covered with over 4 billion ready made playlists. Toh playlist chala, Spotify Sunte Ja!"

The 'Sunte Ja' campaign can be traced to 2019 when Spotify had roped in Anil Kapoor and Ishan Khattar to promote the varied and irresistible playlists on the music streaming giant's app.

Here are a few other ads from Spotify where it touts its playlists.