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When Ankur Warikoo turned athletics coach in a music video

A content creator, an appearance in a Netflix spot, a music video… what’s next for the most visible guy on the Indian internet?

A near constant in India’s internet landscape is Ankur Warikoo. While he’s supposedly everywhere with his content, not many expected him to end up in a music video that through its theme and the title promotes the content creator’s book Do Epic Shit.

The brainchild of creative agency OWLED and production house Blip Films, the music video is the story of a gymnast returning from rehabilitation and trying her best to reach the top once again.

The music video tries to motivate the viewer which has been the crux of many of Warikoo’s videos over the years. Adding to this, the video’s title promotes Warikoo’s book (neat plug).

It is a slow yet steady shift in how the content creator appears on our screens. While his teachings on personal finance or work remain a constant, he, a few days ago, starred in Netflix’s year-ender video where he was teaching investing to RRR’s Bhim.

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