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When Facebook helped a reader build a library…

… The latest ad from its ‘More Together’ campaign highlights how the power of the social media giant is bringing communities together.

Dhara, a reader, seemed to have just one mission in mind – to save books. She would take the aid of Facebook and ask people to donate the books that they intended to give to a ‘raddiwala’, to her. She then would find new homes for such books.

Such was her love for books that soon, her home began to resemble a ‘kabadkhana’. But it was the same social media giant (Facebook) that solved this space issue for her.

Someone asked Dhara if she’d like his old tempo…we think it’s a four-wheeler. But put some stress on your brain and you have a portable library.

Throughout this 45-second ad, the power of Facebook is highlighted. It’s exactly what the ‘More Together’ campaign aims to do – tout how the social media platform brings together people and communities. In this case, the reader community.

It is the latest Facebook ad. Here are the remaining ones: