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When ‘Kumbhakarna’ endorsed a Wakefit mattress

The brand’s flagship Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress is effective and comfortable enough to put the sleeping giant back to sleep in a jiffy.

It’s all about the right fit. Be it your wardrobe or your new gig or even that Instagram filter. If you don’t get it bang on, then you’re in for an uncomfortable time. Nobody knows it better than a brand when it is out to choose a celebrity to endorse it. Remember author Chetan Bhagat as a judge on the dance reality show ‘Nach Baliye’?

Wakefit, whose LinkedIn profile states that it’s a ‘research-driven, innovative sleep solutions company’, has found the best possible individual to endorse its flagship Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress. It’s none other than ‘Kumbhakarna’ from ‘Ramayan’. Yes, you read it right. The ferocious giant warrior, who slept for six straight months a year, has endorsed the memory foam mattress in a new ad.

Created by Wakefit’s in-house team and Spring Marketing Capital, the 54-second ad details how old and standard mattress had ruined Kumbhakarna’s precious sleep to such an extent that he woke up three months early from his six-month sleep cycle. But, to his relief, he found that you can now have the Wakefit memory foam mattress home-delivered. And once the mattress arrives and is spread on the bed, it takes a few seconds for the mighty Kumbhakarna to doze off like a baby.

The ad description on Wakefit’s YouTube channel says, “The Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress moulds itself to your body as it has been created with extensive knowledge on the exact pain points that people usually face and it gives them enhanced comfort.”

An Indian Express report from April notes a Wakefit study wherein the company found that “almost 67 per cent of people in India are now sleeping late, post 11 p.m., as compared to previously, when the lockdown had not been announced. Approximately 81 per cent of respondents feel that once the lockdown ends, their sleep schedule will become better. For the study, some 1,500 people were assessed.”

While Wakefit knows all about the science of sleep and the means to achieve the best quality of sleep, the brand recently took a detour by walking into the world of furniture. It made the announcement through its ‘Artist Babloo’ ad film. The items on offer include bookshelves, coffee tables, wall shelves, study tables.