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When Laddu went round and round trying to understand Earth’s shape

Microsoft shows us the power of a child’s curiosity and the teachers who hone it.

Nothing is more powerful than the inquisitive nature of a child. Tech giant Microsoft took this very aspect to showcase the value of curiosity and our teachers.

Laddu, a curious kid and the film’s protagonist, is willing to go to any length to find the answers to his questions. While his curiosity leads him to certain clues, it is his teacher and Microsoft Teams that finally help him understand how the world we live in works.

The film is a fitting ode to how teachers, with the support of technology, have been integral to the learning journey of children across India and celebrates the spirit of every teacher who continues to open their heart and home to ensure learning never stops.

Hitu Chawla, Chief Marketing Officer, Microsoft India, said, “The pandemic has changed the dynamics for all, especially teachers, who have had to ensure that learning continues, is inclusive and most of all, engaging. In light of the challenges teachers faced in achieving quality education over the past year, this Teacher’s Day is of even greater importance.”

“This film by Microsoft is a tribute to the undying passion and commitment of teachers across India who helped their students adapt in a year of change and toasts the spirit of learning and teaching.”

Hitesh, Founder, Crazy Brutes, shared “Our brief was directed towards recognising the invaluable contribution of teachers and how Microsoft is supporting their endeavours amid the pandemic. After a lot of ideation sessions, we decided to keep the treatment of the film simple yet uplifting, to bring to life the stories of these teachers and students alike. We are confident this film will strongly resonate with people.”