Shreyas Kulkarni

When Panasonic washing machines claimed to keep your 'kapdo ki immunity' intact

Using its built-in heater technology which is, in fact, an old offering but the brand is using it to offer what customers need during the pandemic - immunity.

"It's when one of us pointed out how if we are so frustrated, imagine how our poor clothes would feel. And Eureka!," said Heeru Dingra, CEO, WATConsult on her digital agency's latest campaign for Panasonic washing machines.

Called '#KapdoKiImmunity', the 57-second ad shows us a world where after months of lockdown, the clothes are excited to have finally stepped out. "... to the extent that we realised how they would even relish the once-disliked stains after months of being caged in almirahs," said Dingra.

Heeru Dingra
Heeru Dingra

It's also interesting to note that during the brainstorming for this campaign, the conversations, as per Dingra, were around "how no matter the world is taking it all in stride, we really miss living a normal life under lockdown".

We see the shirt go all giddy when he remembers the burger chutney that dripped on him while the jeans go all gooey when she recollects the guy rub his chips stained shirt on her; it's quite simple, everybody and everything is happy that the unlock mode is on.

Towards the latter part of the ad, we see the guy collect his shirt, jeans, and socks and deposit them into the washing machine. But, what caught our eye was the claim that with Panasonic Washing Machine's StainMaster+ and built-in heater technology, it kills 99.99% germs and promises to build #KapdoKiImmunity with a safe wash.

A built-in heater technology isn't a new offering and yet Panasonic has chosen to use it befit the present circumstances where immunity reigns supreme.

Shirish Agarwal
Shirish Agarwal

Shirish Agarwal, Head Brand & Marketing Communication, Panasonic India told us, "... as much we focus on keeping our hands clean by washing them and using sanitisers, keeping our clothes germs-free is also important as they are our first layer of protection. Keeping this as the core concept, we conceptualised the digital campaign #KapdoKiImmunity wherein clothes just like humans, are sharing their feelings about the current scenario."

Immunity is one of the hottest buzzwords of today's times and several brands have joined the bandwagon. We've seen plywood companies claim to kill 99.99% viruses, fabric companies took on the mantle to destroy Coronavirus, and even the launch of a 'Pentonic Covid-19 Killer', a sterilizing marker.