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When Vidya Balan used pizza logic to extol Cuemath…

… which is an edtech brand that teaches kids to apply math with logic. And yes, it teaches coding to the young ones too.

Did you know that two medium eight-inch pizzas have less pizza as compared to one large 12-inch pizza? We’re sure your answer is ‘no’ because that’s also our answer. But, why are we asking you this question about math and pizza?

Well, it’s the same question actress Vidya Balan pitches to her brother, through his son Arjun, in a new ad by Cuemath, a math learning edtech platform.

We get to see how Arjun is learning to enjoy and apply math concepts; he explains how a large pizza is better than two medium ones in a logical manner. It’s something most of us struggled to do during our school days, and even now.

The ad’s description on YouTube reads: School math is not enough. At Cuemath's after-school online math classes, you don't just learn math as rules, but also how to apply it with logic in real-life... When children learn math in an interesting way, with the guidance of a live teacher, they never forget! We not only focus on math as a subject, but as a life skill. Math karo, aage badho!

Manan Khurma, CEO, Cuemath, says, “With our classes, we have steered clear of the traditional board teaching method. We help children learn math organically by visualising concepts from different points of view, building their own mental models and algorithms, developing logical reasoning by finding multiple answers, and applying math in everyday thinking and problem-solving.”

“Our aim is to train our future generation at not just solving math problems easily, but also tackle the challenges that life throws up with confidence and logic.”

Balan as a brand ambassador is a logical choice because she portrayed math genius Shakuntala Devi in her previous movie.

Talking about Cuemath, Balan said, “I attended a Cuemath demo class while researching for my last film. Imagine my surprise when 45 minutes into the demo, I learnt to visualise math concepts with simulations. I never thought I could see math!”

“I was further astonished when the teacher gave me an example saying two medium eight-inch pizzas have less pizza as compared to one large 12-inch pizza. Wow, I have been ordering pizzas the wrong way. It’s the area of the pizza that matters and not the diameter, so next time you know what to order!”

“It’s this Cuemath way of making math fun and taking the anxiety away from it that appealed to me immensely, and is the future of learning in the 21st century.”

The creative agency behind the ad is Simple Tribe and it was shot by Offroad Productions. It was directed by Manoj Tapadia and produced by Laxman Uttarekar.

And, that’s not it. In another ad released on November 5, we’re told Cuemath now teaches coding as well. It will now rival the likes of WhiteHat Jr in the buzzy ‘edtech coding brands for kids’ space.