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Whole Truth Foods CEO Shashank Mehta endorses yet another brand

The latest is his testimonial style ad for the startup Ultrahuman Cyborg.

There are a breed of CEOs who make themselves known for being the face of a company (Think of Manu Jain, global vice president of Xiaomi). Shashank Mehta of Whole Truth Foods is one of them. His most recent venture however, is a testimonial style ad for the startup Ultrahuman Cyborg.

Ultrahuman Cyborg sounds like a science fiction movie - but the startup is very much rooted in reality. It aims to 'gamify' healthcare with the help of a patch that users can wear on their skin. This patch helps give insights related to glucose metabolism, sleep quality and blood-sugar levels.

The ad speaks about Mehta's own weight-loss journey and features a plug for his own company as well. This isn't the first time Mehta has starred in an 'honest' ad for another company. Recently, he appeared in an ad for RazorpayX's Payroll service. The ad made by creative agency Talented, showed the many different ways founders of a company struggle with the financial aspects of payroll management.

He first caught people's attention when he starred in an ad for one of his own products, claiming to deliver the 'whole truth' and nothing less.

The ad features its founder and CEO Shashank Mehta who takes us behind a food ad and explains how the ingredients we read on the pack’s back are not what they truly are. Another recent series of similar ads with Rohan Joshi takes on a similar theme - breaking down and explaining added ingredients in 'healthy' foods.

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