Abhinav Anand

With new video, ITC assures consumers that Sunfeast Yippee will be available

The video also highlights how the manufacturing is taking place while adhering to the safety measures.

During this lockdown, there has been a drastic surge in the number of people who are dependent on instant noodles. Amidst this increased demand, the supply of the instant noodles has been a matter of concern.

In such times, ITC has come up with a video assuring consumers of the availability of their Sunfeast Yippee noodles. The video intends to inform people about the ways in which they can get their hands on the product. Consumers have the option of ordering it online from the ITC store website and even using all the major e-commerce platforms to order the same.

The video opens with a clip of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the brand ambassador, taken from an old commercial. It then takes one through the production facility of the noodles, where the brand highlights how the manufacturing of the product is taking place while adhering to the safety measures. The video displays how the production line workers have been following all hygiene protocols, how social distancing is rightfully followed at the production premises, and how the production is an automated process.

The brand, with this video, intends to tell the audience how their focus is towards fulfilling consumer demand, while also keeping in mind the need of hygiene protocols and social distancing.