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Women's Day ads: brands attempt to break stereotypes, change perceptions

afaqs! has chosen a few campaigns that go beyond the regular celebrations.

Brands across categories queue up to celebrate International Women's Day. While their ads may not have done justice to women all through the year, they make the most of today to portray women at their best. They celebrate, worship, honour, glorify, compliment, and what not. It's too big an opportunity to pass on. 

From the barrage of ads celebrating Women's Day, we have chosen a few that are attempting to break stereotypes or change perceptions around women. In this compilation, you will find an ad that attempts to change the perspective towards a woman's home, while another attempts to make women more digitally savvy.

Yet another celebrates women who have broken into male bastions. There are ads that address the issue of equal opportunity to travel and female representation in agriculture.'s 'Apna Ghar''s Women's Day ad, titled 'Apna Ghar', aims at transforming society's perspective towards a woman's home. Young, unmarried women are often told, “apne ghar main karna”, referring to their future marital home.

Similarly, in their marital home, 'Apna Ghar' refers to their parents' home, leaving them confused as to which house is theirs. This campaign attempts to change this point of view. 

Croma's 'Tech The First Step'

Croma's digital campaign focusses on the theme of women's independence and breaking gender stereotypes towards technology. Conceptualised and executed by SoCheers, the campaign encourages women to take that first step towards becoming more independent, highlighting the importance of enabling women to become more tech-savvy.

It promotes inclusivity and gender norms surrounding technology. The overall message is to encourage women to take the first step with technology, and be self-reliant.

Center Fresh's 'Soch Karo Fresh'

Center Fresh's campaign celebrates women who have made unconventional career choices and broken into male bastions. From driving taxis to bartending to being tour guides, women have been fast making inroads into male-dominated professions.

The brand has released a special song #SochKaroFresh that recognises their fresh approach and formidable voices. The rap song features women, including Laxmi Kumar, an auto driver in Mumbai; Karishma Kadam, a trainer and athlete, Muscle Blaze; and employees of Perfetti Van Melle India.

Conceptualised by Creativeland Asia and supported by Wavemaker, the campaign aims to usher positive change in society by celebrating their small wins and bringing their stories to the fore. 

Goibibo's 'Haq Se Karungi Travel'

The social media campaign addresses the issue of equal opportunity to travel for all. From seeking permission and planning a safe trip to handling society’s judgemental behaviour, there are numerous roadblocks women stumble upon, while travelling solo. Interestingly, these obstacles seldom come in the way of men when they set out for their favourite destination.

Produced in-house and featuring GO-MMT colleagues, this campaign is capsuled in three Reels dealing with three pertinent issues of women's travel, i.e., seeking permission for travel, being judged for solo travel, and overthinking safety while planning travel.

Luminous' 'Women in Energy'

The campaign aims to encourage more women to join the energy sector and showcase the significant role that they can play in the industry. The campaign's centrepiece is a digital film that tells the inspiring story of Baburi Sirisha, the first linewoman in India who overcame barriers and broke the glass ceiling to make her mark in the energy sector.

The film sends a powerful message that women in the energy industry deserve equal opportunities to succeed. 

The lack of female representation in the energy sector, has been recognised as a global issue, and India is no exception. Women in the energy sector in India have encountered numerous challenges, including cultural biases, limited opportunities, and insufficient access to training and education.

The campaign attempts to address these issues and promote gender equality in the energy industry.

DS Group's 'Salute The FarmHER'

DS Group aims to highlight the contribution of female farmers in agriculture, through its campaign.  

India is an agrarian economy, where over 54% of the total workforce is engaged in agricultural and allied sector activities. While farming is perceived to be a male activity, agriculture employs about 80% of rural women, as per the NITI Aayog. Yet, there is a lack of their recognition.

The group identified the need to sensitise the audience, create awareness, empower and, at the same time, applaud rural women workforce for their efforts.

Conceptualised by Grapes, the campaign video brings this gap to the general audience’s attention. It shows that when kids are asked to draw a farmer, most of them conjure up the image of a male.

To change this perception, the group intends to approach leading media houses, agricultural bloggers, and stock footage portals to make a small change, i.e., to include images of both male and female farmers, while covering relevant news.

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