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Wondrlab wins ‘Possible’ mandate, introduces ‘sweat model’ for remuneration

The disruptive fee structure gives Wondrlab more ‘skin in the game’ .

Wondrlab – India’s largest platform-first communications startup – has added one more prestigious business to its roster. The startup has won the mandate for ‘Possible’.

Possible focuses on correct and easy-to-follow nutrition regimens rather than strenuous weight-loss diets. Wondrlab will help the brand build awareness and formulate a repositioning strategy within the Indian market, with a go-to-market plan for wider reach.

Startups today need a portfolio of services such as brand strategy, design, digital, performance marketing, and PR, backed by the best senior talent in the industry. Wondrlab provides clients with this entire gamut of solutions seamlessly and further brings in a disruptive remuneration model that doesn’t put massive fees pressure on clients. Startup clients also bring with them ever-evolving, dynamic needs, and Wondrlab believes that the traditional remuneration approach adopted by communication agencies can no longer lead to a fruitful long-term association.

With the Possible business win, Wondrlab has now introduced a disruptive and path-breaking remuneration model, offering clients a new objective-based, sweat and investment-led fee structure. The communications startup believes it has ‘more skin in the game’ through this model, focusing on strategy and value along with monetary gains. Hereon, Wondrlab will reinvest a fixed portion of its fee back into the client’s business, thus challenging itself to create profitable solutions that will help both parties win.

Vishnu Saraf, Co-Founder, Possible Worldwide said, “More and more people are making health and nutrition a conscious decision every day. This is the perfect time to make a bigger push and ensure they make living healthy a normal part of their lives. We wanted a partner who understands the business we operate in, and Wondrlab came through on all our parameters. Their vision for our brand resonated with us. We are eager to see where this partnership will take us, creatively.”

Rakesh Hinduja, Co-Founder & Managing Partner – Content Platform, Wondrlab, said, “Winning a client like Possible is truly a feather in Wondrlab’s cap. Our new remuneration model is designed to make us work harder for clients’ business solves. The fact that Possible opted for this model itself shows its progressive nature and forward-thinking ways. We are looking for a fruitful long-term association here, and I’m confident it’s going to be a strong partnership.”

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