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Wow! Momo's Durga Pujo campaign honours human 'bahons'

'Wow! Bahon' campaign draws a parallel line between the godly bahons that carry deities and the everyday human bahons.

In a purpose-driven tribute to the unsung heroes of Durga Puja, Wow! Momo, Wow! China, and Wow! Chicken has collectively introduced a new campaign to honour the bahons of our everyday lives who tirelessly transport us, whether it's our delivery personnel, rickshaw pullers, or drivers. 

The ad starts with a little girl curious about why animals are linked to gods and goddesses. Her mother tells her the story of animal 'bahons' serving the divine. Understanding their dedication, the girl offers food to her driver, showing respect for him as the human 'bahon' of their family.

Muralikrishnan, the CMO and co-founder of Wow! Momo Foods, expressed his thoughts on the campaign, saying, " The 'Wow! Bahon' campaign harmoniously unites the divine and the every day, exalting those who exemplify the utmost dedication to service in our contemporary society. These unsung heroes, including food delivery personnel, cab drivers, rickshaw operators, auto-rickshaw drivers, and bus drivers, exemplify the pinnacle of service. This campaign acknowledges and honours those who embody the good in our communities." 

Kanchan Datta, the founder & CEO of Inner Circle Advertising India, the creative mastermind behind the campaign, added, "We realised that there existed a whole community of unsung heroes on whose shoulders rested the entire ecosystem of this 4-day extravaganza. So, we made them the central part of our brand narrative." 

The campaign aims to highlight the economic and cultural significance of the festival while paying tribute to those who help make it all possible.

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