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Wrap2Earn transforms two vintage Ambassador cars to announce the launch of Tira’s Vama new store

It travelled through key locations in South Bombay, drawing the attention of pedestrians and commuters during the 10-day campaign period.

Wrap2Earn, a player in the cab branding space in India, is known for executing innovative cab advertising solutions for its clients. Recently, they were commissioned by Tira, a Reliance Retail company, to execute a campaign to announce the launch of Tira’s Vama store in South Mumbai.

The brief: “Execute a campaign that draws upon the heritage of the vintage Ambassador car to announce the gift of launching Tira in South Mumbai.”

The creative team at Wrap2Earn transformed two Ambassadors with Tira branding elements, ensuring these 'mobile billboards' captured millions of views during the 10-day campaign. Strategic routes were planned around South Mumbai, targeting the brand's audience. The convoy travelled through key locations like Marine Drive, Peddar Road, and Nariman Point, drawing the attention of pedestrians and commuters.

The team at Wrap2Earn also parked the cars at strategic locations and offered free drop-offs to passengers wanting to visit the Tira store. The interiors of the cabs were equally captivating, featuring custom seats adorned with Tira’s branding elements, ensuring passengers had a memorable and immersive experience. Upon arrival at the store, passengers were greeted with a complimentary Tira gift box.

To bring an otherwise offline campaign online and further amplify its impact, the company collaborated with beauty influencers in the South Mumbai circuit. These influencers interacted with the branded cars and posted about the launch of the Tira Vama store, enhancing the campaign's reach and impact.

This campaign executed by Wrap2Earn for Tira yielded impressive results. Intrigued onlookers clicked selfies with the cars and tagged the brand on digital platforms. The influencer integration generated high reach and  impressions, leading to over a 15% increase in anticipated footfalls and sales.

Jyotiba Patil, partner at Wrap2Earn, added: "In a city like Mumbai, which is bombarded with advertising, innovation is key. By creating a unique, interactive experience with the beloved Ambassador car, an iconic part of the city, we were able to generate a significant buzz around the new store launch. Our aim was simple: ensure that everyone in South Mumbai noticed these cabs at least once during the 10-day campaign period. The innovation ensured that the campaign will not be forgotten."

Kavita Khiara, lead - Retail Marketing at Tira Beauty, commented, "We felt like we had done it all, from store launch activations and masterclasses to influencer activation, so we wanted something truly disruptive for our Vama store launch. Throughout the campaign period, people shared pictures of the branded Ambassadors with me. We received many phone calls and tags on our digital platforms and saw an increase in store visits. This campaign surpassed all my expectations in terms of innovation and quality of execution."

This campaign showcases Tira’s commitment to innovation in brand promotion and highlights Wrap2Earn’s ability to execute unique and groundbreaking advertising campaigns that rise above the clutter.

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