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Wunderman Thompson India unveils #WhatMakesUsOne campaign for The Times of India

The campaign invites every Indian to participate and celebrate the Idea of India in their own way.

Wunderman Thompson created a new campaign for The Times of India which presents an epic film to celebrate the invisible thread that binds us all as one in spite of our diverse differences. 

The Idea of India represented by the thread of light that embraces our differences and elevates our unity in diversity. The idea of the seamless thread that has held us all together as one nation over the 75 years of our Independence. 

Created by Wunderman Thompson India, the campaign is live across national news media,  social media and various digital platforms. #WhatMakesUsOne campaign has a unique hashtag that invites every Indian to participate and celebrate the Idea of India in their own  way.  

Commenting on the campaign, Kaustuv Chatterjee : Brand Director TOI & Languages,  said, “Over the past decades India has made rapid strides in various sectors, and this has  fuelled a sense of pride in the nation’s growing stature in the world. In this context, our new  initiative from TOI - #WhatMakesUsOne, focuses on the many unifying threads that make  up our Idea Of India. Despite our diversity and multiculturism, the threads that unite us  also drive our growth in the world today powerfully. Just look at what's happening in Space,Tech, Defence, IT, Sports or our cultural influence across the world. We hope this initiative  will spark conversations and connections around What Makes Us One, as we prepare to  celebrate our 74thyear of becoming a Republic.”  

Senthil Kumar, chief creative & film director, Wunderman Thompson India, said, “INDIA  WAS AN IDEA LONG BEFORE IT BECAME A FREE NATION. It was the song from a thousand  years ago. It was the spirit of thousands of freedom fighters. It was written in blood by the  thousands who laid down their lives for our freedom. It was the same thread of unity in  diversity and adversity and festivity. It is the same thread that continues to bind us as one  nation, in spite of our diverse differences. It is the invisible ektara that stirs our souls and  ignites our hearts. This binding thread of tolerance and inclusivity is represented as the  thread of light cinematically and metaphorically in the powerful Times Of India narrative  form.” 

Joy Chauhan, Sr. VP & managing partner, Wunderman Thompson, Delhi, added, “The idea  of India is a campaign that makes you pause and yet again fall in love with our magical  nation. What makes us one is a question with over a billion answers. Its depth is unseen  and uncharted. Today with our potential and the will to lead this world the Idea of India has  never looked brighter. It was an opportune time to celebrate our diversity and  #WhatMakesUsOne We are proud to partner the iconic Times of India in this celebration.” 

The visual thread for this film is the festival of lights captured by hundreds of  cinematographers and drone photographers and timelapse content creators throughout  the festive season from Navaratri Lights in October to Diwali Lights in November,  Christmas Lights in December to Sankranti Lights in January at multiple locations across  the country. 

The musical thread of the invisible ektara elevates our ekta and binds the speeches of our  inspiring leaders into one national narrative delivering the Timeline of India, through song  and speech, powered by the voices of Mahatma Gandhi, Subash Chandra Bose, Jawaharlal  Nehru, Sardar Patel, Indira Gandhi, AB Vajpayee and Narendra Modi. All the voices in our  head that set fire to our imagination with the Idea of India.  

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